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The designed Maliki flood control dykes are situated in Tran-Nzoia county, Kwanza district/sub-county, Kwanza Constituency, Kwanza division, Namanjalala location, Namanjalala sub-location, Maliki village.

The surveyed area lies between Namanjalala bridge, GPS coordinate 1°5’22.0”N 35°0’31.1”E and Chemususu Sabwani rivers junction at 1°4’48.5”N 35°0’5.4”E.

The dyke along the Eastern bank of river Sabwani has been designed and has a length of 1.6km



From 2nd January 2018 the team moved to River Sabwani dykes flood control.

Mobilization of the 3no machines, 3no tippers and the 3no NWCPC vehicles was completed by Monday the 15th January 2018 when the sheep foot compactor was delivered to River Sabwani- Maliki Village.


Plant and equipment requirement

Implementation of New dyke construction works is undertaken using hired plants and equipment and some NWCPC vehicles supervised by the Corporation’s staff as tabulated below.

On 11th January the NWCPC team met with the Maliki village community members who highly appreciated the Organization for the intended dyke construction works. They proceeded to the proposed site and very willingly surrendered their land where some owners had already planted vegetables.

sabwani3 1

From 12th January clearing of the dyke alignment and the borrow areas was started.

Stock piling of the soil material also followed from 13th and has continued.

By the end of January 2018 1.0m height of the dyke was done. We extended the dyke length from 400.0m to 625.0m


Clearing of borrow areas

Removal of top soil on the dyke alignment area-625.0m long by 20.0m wide.

At the end of January at least 1.0m height of the dyke was done.

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