National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority

Hifadhi Maji, Boresha Maisha

Strategic Objectives

1. Develop and manage public water works infrastructure
2. Protect/save lives and property from the effects of floods
3. Mainstream crosscutting and policy issues as per guidelines
4. Enhance institutional capacity building
5. Enhance financial sustainability
6. Improve corporate image and enhance customer service.

Core Values -“STRAIGHT”.

Sustainability:         Implementing development projects that take into consideration the current and future                                             generation’s welfare.
Transparency:        Acting in an open and honest manner in delivering our services.
Reliability:               Delivering our mandate with resolve, consistency and trust.
Accountability:       Answerable and acknowledging responsibility for our actions and decisions without shifting                                     the blame.
Innovation:             Growth in creativity and being responsive to new ideas.
Governance:          Upholding principles of integrity.
Honesty:                Upholding a quality of fairness and truthfulness in our operations.
Teamwork:             Maintaining synergy in service delivery while ensuring professionalism


“Developing and managing national water works infrastructure towards enhancing water security, flood mitigation and storage for multipurpose use.”

Mandate of NWHSA

  1. Undertake on behalf of the national government, the development of national public water works      for water resources storage and flood control;
  2. Maintain and manage national public water works infrastructure for water resources storage;
  3. Collect and provide information for the formulation by the Cabinet Secretary of the national water     resources storage and flood control strategies;
  4. Develop a water harvesting policy and enforce water harvesting strategies:
  5. Undertake on behalf of the national government strategic water emergency interventions during       drought;
  6. Advise the Cabinet Secretary on any matter concerning National public water works for water           storage  and flood control




“To be the premier authority in water infrastructure development and management in Kenya and beyond


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