Maruba Dam

National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority

Hifadhi Maji, Boresha Maisha

Maruba Dam

















In June 2010, NWCPC finalized rehabilitation of Maruba dam by raising the height of the embankment wall and spillway by 6 m. This increased the dam’s storage capacity from 0.60 Million m3 to 2.45 Million m3.  Increase in storage volume has ensured increase in water supply to Machakos Town and its environs from 2,050 m3/day to 8,700m3/day. 

It is approximated that the project serves more than 200,000 people in Machakos County.  Machakos Peoples Park is majorly successful due to the beautiful scenery provided by Maruba Dam.  

The Scope of Works
This project was built entirely by the Corporation using its internal capacity.  The project entailed construction of the following:-
•    Increasing the height of the dam and spillway sill by 6 meters 
•    Construction of new water treatment plant to meet the increased water demand    in Machakos Town and environs.
•    Refurbishment of the existing treatment works.
•    Laying of a new pipeline to existing water storage tanks

Current Status
Construction of this dam started in September 2008 and was completed in June 2010.  The construction was undertaken by National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation through our in-house capacity.  
The Dam was commissioned in the year 2010 and is currently main water supply source for the Machakos town and its environs

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