Our Achievements

National Water Harvesting and Storage Authority

Hifadhi Maji, Boresha Maisha

Our Achievements


Chemususu Dam

Chemususu Dam is located on the Chemususu river which is a tributary of Tigiri river some 17kms to the west of Eldama Ravine town in Koibatek District. The Dam supplies water to Eldama Ravine Township and its environs. This is a 45m high dam with storage of about 12Mm3 of water capable of producing 35,000m3/day of water to supply Eldama Ravine Township and its environs.

Kiserian Dam Project
Kiserian Dam is located along Kiserian River about 2km from Kiserian Township and is currently supplying water to Kiserian, Ongata Rongai and parts of Ngong’ townships. The present (2010) total population of the area is about 124,000 people with a water demand of 8,450m3/day. The 18m high dam has stored 1.22Mm3 of water and supply 15,700m3/day of water to the townships which will meet the anticipated future (2020) water demand.

Maruba Dam Project
Maruba Dam is the source of water for Machakos town & its environs and is located across River Maruba in Machakos District. The Dam was constructed in the late 1950’s to supply water to the Machakos Municipality covering an area of 10km2. However, the supply area has increased over the years to 60km2 which led to the increase of the height of the embankment by 6m thereby increasing the capacity of the reservoir from 1.8Mm3 to 2.5Mm3 of water.

NWHSA has progressed from construction of small dams over the year to now Medium Dams. This is due to huge demand of water for domestic use. The Authority has constructed and rehabilitated over 1000 small and medium sized dams/pans in Arid and Semi-Arid Lands across the Country.

Lives have been changed through flood control
• Construction of new dykes
• Raising heights of existing dykes along various Rivers
• River drainage channels
• Seepage control on rivers
• River bank stabilization on rivers
• Construction of water pans
• Construction of concrete check dams






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