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Siyoi Dam
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Project Updates

Chemususu Dam

















The dam is located in Baringo County, Koibatek District and has a capacity of 15 million cubic meters or 15 billion litres. Chemususu Dam discharges 35,000 cubic metres or 35 million litres of water per day. It was designed to serve at least 50% of Baringo County population which includes towns and various institutions within the County.


Soin-Koru Dam


The Soin-Koru Dam Development project is proposed to be located on the Nyando River in the vicinity of Muhoroni in the Western part of Kenya. It shall be 60km from Kisumu City and 5km upstream of Muhoroni town. The Dam will be located in Kisumu and Kericho counties.


Siyoi - Muruny Dam

















The proposed Muruny Dam is located near Kapsait Primary School at Murkokoi Center which is approximately 43km from Kapenguria Town. The site location is covered on SK Map 75/4 Cherangany at GPS coordinates 36 N 0761064 and UTM 0129350, elevation 2690 masl at the riverbed. The project area lies within the Rift Valley Drainage Basin. River Muruny emanates from Cherangany Hills and flows in a North Eastern direction before finally draining into Lake Turkana.


Kiserian Dam









Kiserian dam is located along Kiserian River about 2kms from Kiserian Township and will supply water to Kiserian, Ongata Rongai and parts of Ngong’ townships. The present (2010) total population of the area is about 124,000 people with a water demand of 8,450m3   per day. The 18m high dam will store 1.22Mm3 of water and supply 15,700m3  per day of water to the townships which will meet the future (2020) water demand.


Maruba Dam

















In June 2010, NWCPC finalized rehabilitation of Maruba dam by raising the height of the embankment wall and spillway by 6 m. This increased the dam’s storage capacity from 0.60 Million m3 to 2.45 Million m3.  Increase in storage volume has ensured increase in water supply to Machakos Town and its environs from 2,050 m3/day to 8,700m3/day. 



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Ministerial Tree Planting Launch

  The constitution of Kenya requires citizens to work towards achieving and maintaining    a forest cover of at least 10% of the land area. A Presidential Directive issued in June    2018 required all Ministries and Agencies to allocate at least 10% of their Corporate     Social Responsibility (CSR) budget towards support for afforestation. The purpose of   this launch of the campaign by the Ministry comes as a result of this presidential     directive that aims at improving the national forest cover from 6%-10% that totals to 16    million seedlings.

  The Ministry of Water & Sanitation and Irrigation spearhead the National Tree Planting   Campaign for all water institutions and Agencies which took place at the Mpirani   Primary School from 18th – 22nd November 2019 which was attended by         Chairpersons, CEOs and Board Members from various water institutions in           Compliance  with the Presidential Directive. The Guest of Honor was CAS, Ministry

of Water Ms. Winnie Guchu representing CS Water, Mr. Simon Chelugui She officially launched the Ministerial Tree Planting Campaign at Mwache Dam Water Catchment Area in Kwale County.

She was accompanied by National Water Harvesting Storage Authority Board Directors Ms. Jane Mwikali, Mr. Banticha Jaldesa, Mr. Abdi Dara who represented the Board Chairman and Ag CEO Eng. Geoffrey Sang. Also present were Mr. Erick Okeyo Chairperson Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency, Water Sector Trust Fund Chairperson Mr. Patrick Kokonya, WASREB Chairman Hon Joshua Irungu, CEO Coast Water Works Development Agency, Mr. Jacob Torrut, CEO Tanathi, and Mr. Frederick Mamati.

 Mwache Dam is expected to pump at least 186,000 litres of water daily and serve 1.9 million people in Kwale and Ukunda towns.  Phase one of the dam will cost 14.8 billion and is set to begin early next year the CAS disclosed. She reiterated that water is a human right as well as sanitation is dignity therefore going forward all water schemes will have a sanitation component including Mwache Dam project. Funded by the World Bank this dam will help tackle perennial water crisis and relieve the burden of mothers travelling long distances to fetch water. The Kwale County local leaders who were present welcomed the tree planting exercise saying this is crucial in ensuring water and food security. During the week long exercise the community together with liaison officers managed to plant 3,000 seedlings with an extra 4,000 earmarked for planting in the course of the week long exercise. NWHSA donated 2000 seedlings.

The Ministry's Tree Planting Liaison officer - Kennedy Ondieki together with his liaison officers from various Works Development Agencies, (WWDA) namely – Tana Athi Water Works Development Agency, Coast Water Works Development Agency, Tana Water Works Development Agency, Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency, Lake Victoria North Water Works Development Agency, Northern Water Work Development Agency and National Water Harvesting & Storage Authority all contributed 2000 seedlings per institution that will be planted in the catchment area.


CAS, Ministry of Water & Sanitation and Irrigation; Ms. Winnie Guchu, & NWHSA liaison Officer Angela Agina during the launch




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Ministerial Tree Planting Launch

Ministerial Tree Planting Launch

The constitution of Kenya requires citizens to work towards achieving and maintaining a forest cover of at least 10% of the land area. A Presidential Directive...

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